Eagles & Butterflies – Hell/Dunkel Festival

Eagles & Butterflies brings a varied mix celebrating his debut at Düsseldorf’s Hell/Dunkel Festival 2016 where the likes of Recondite, Mano le Tough, DJ Hell, Daniel Bortz, Baikal, (our very own) Kimou, and more will play.

Axel Boman – A Moon Dancer
Cleveland – Rio
Rampa – Necessity
Culoe De Song – Myth
Sfire – Sfire3 (John Talabot Remix)
Ingrid Lukas – We Are (Manuel Tur Remix 3)
Eagles & Butterflies – Untitled
Denis Horvat – Untitled
Andhim – Cloys (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)
Eagles & Butterflies – Experiment B
Unknown – Love (O.C. Edit)

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