Dj Gregory aka Point G

French producer DJ Gregory has launched a new label for his Point G material.  A short-lived alias that arrived in 1997, the original Point G 12-inches remain elusive and expensive collector’s items (although “Underwater,” the lead track off 1998’s On the Raw Again EP, was recently reissued by Apollonia, while Real Tone put out an unreleased version of 1997 cut “Chicken Coma” last year). A precursor to DJ Gregory, the Point G material is characterised by a simple, stripped back approach to deep house. Point G Records will initially act as a conduit for new solo material produced as Point G, though there is word of older tracks coming out further down the line. It will operate a vinyl-only policy and the first release will be a three-track EP simply called #1. The producer will also unveil his new live show at in Paris on May 17th as part of the first Weather festival