SidiRum is the project of Nicolas Bruschi, Dj and producer of Buenos Aires whose sound combines electronic elements with organic instrumentation derived from the Latin American folk music. His style, often compared to Chancha Via Circuito or Nicola Cruz, has led him to appear in venues and festivals around the world, including gigs in Berlin (Katerblau, Fusion Festival y Chalet), São Paulo (Kubik y Sónido Trópico), Riga (Kometa Festival), Zurich (Party in the Woods), Túlum (Hotel Nómade), Bogotá (Festival Nómade), London (Secret Garding Party y Passing Clouds) and Madrid (Tropical Camp), among other cities.

His debut EP “Le Soleil” was released in 2014 by the Chilean label “Regional” with great worldwide repercussion, being chosen among the best free albums of the year by mag Sounds and Colors (UK). In 2015 he released his second EP “Intercambio” through the London label “New Hispanic Music”, with excellent reviews. In late 2016 he released his third EP, “Luna”, through the Dutch label Krooks Records, which Sounds and Colors awarded with five stars.