The Avener

It came as quite a shock when The Avener’s Fade Out Lines rocketed to number 1 in the German iTunes charts. It had been a long time indeed since a French artist had achieved that kind of success in Germany, especially with such a startling single. The triumph of Fade Out Lines opened a door onto a unique and yet instantly familiar world. Its irresistible, sophisticated rhythms conjured up a dual image of lovers ending up on the quays of the Seine at daybreak, and of an urban club funk beat.
Since then, the single’s phenomenal success has proved contagious, confirming The Avener’s prime intention: to travel the frontiers between genres, periods and styles; between the music we listen to and the music we dance to; between underground and high-end pop. As The Avener says himself: “Fade Out Lines is hard to define. It’s blues with jazz, folk and funk influences, and electronic instruments. It has feelings, emotion and nostalgia, but a lot of energy, too.”


Client: The Avener