Tube & Berger

Starting out as a punk band, they listened to Ramones and the Sex Pistols.[4] In summer 2003, Zane Lowe featured Tube & Berger’s single “Geradeaus” during his evening show on BBC Radio 1. They played together with Sonique and Zweiraumwohnung. Since 2005 they bring out in their own label Kittball Records.[ Involvement in the creation of the Loveparade 2007 in Essen and Dortmund 2008. During 2013 they toured in BrazilSouth Africa and Australia, in July 2016 the United States and Canada, in December 2016 there will be a tour in South Africa and Australia again. In June 2012 “Introlution” appeared with 15 single Songs. In December 2013 appeared their Video “Set it Off” They headlined Sunscape Festival of Malta in 2017. Their single “International Corporate Motherfuckers” was released as the third from their studio album We Are All Stars which was released on May 19, 2017